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Branches of NOUN Library

Branches of NOUN Library

The library system consist of

  • Central library (Gabriel Afolabi Ojo Central Library)
  • Zonal Libraries
  • Faculty Libraries
  • Study centre libraries

Branches of NOUN Library at Study Centres

  1. Gabriel Afolabi Ojo Central Library (Main Campus at Jabi, Abuja)
  2. South-West Regional Library (Lagos Campus)
  3. McCarthy Study Centre library
  4. Wuse II Study Centre Library
  5. North-West Regional Library (Kaduna)
  6. North-East Regional Library (Bauchi)
  7. South-East Regional Library (Enugu)
  8. Ibadan Study Centre Library
  9. Katsina Study Centre Library
  10. South-South Regional Library (Benin)
  11. Jos Study Centre Library
  12. Apapa Study Centre Library
  13. Asaba Study Centre Library
  14. Kano Study Centre Library
  15. Yola Study Centre Library
  16. Umudike Study Centre Library
  17. Abeokuta Study Centre Library
  18. Dutse Study Centre Library
  19. Awka Study Centre Library
  20. Damaturu Study Centre Library
  21. Maiduguri Study Centre Library
  22. Lokoja Study Centre Library
  23. Minna Study Centre Library
  24. Ilorin Study Centre Library
  25. Gombe Study Centre Library
  26. Community Study Centre Library (Sapele)
  27. Akure Study Centre Library

Faculty Libraries

  1. Law library(situated in the Lagos Campus)
  2. Faculty of Science Library
  3. Faculty of Arts Library
  4. Faculty of Education Library
  5. Faculty of Social Science Library
  6. Faculty of Management Science Library
  7. Faculty of Health Library
  8. Faculty of Agriculture Library


Library Physical Holdings


S/NLibrary No. of BooksNo. of JournalsNo. of Course materialsNo. of ProjectsPast Question Papers (Available/Non Available)TOTAL
1Gabriel Afolabi Ojo Central Library385396215891646568
2South-West Regional Library (Lagos Liaison Office)759018305759995
3North-West Regional Library (Kaduna)4630153175614748013
4North-East Regional Library (Bauchi)49611507
5South-East Regional Library (Enugu)1687231710
6South-South Regional Library (Benin)20298672896
7McCarthy Study Centre Library542542
8Wuse II Study Centre Library40003279813841926406
9Ibadan Study Centre Library10351035
10Katsina Study Centre Library1894691963
11Jos Study Centre Library50050550
12Apapa Study Centre Library20652065
13Asaba Study Centre Library25112511
14Kano Study Centre Library42050470
15Yola Study Centre Library18001800
16Umudike Study Centre Library
17Abeokuta Study Centre Library43344477
18Dutse Study Centre Library
19Awka Study Centre Library186199
20Damaturu Study Centre Library336220556
21Maiduguri Study Centre Library634634
22Lokoja Study Centre Library79132211
23Minna Study Centre Library
24Ilorin Study Centre Library100100
25Gombe Study Centre Library

Community Study Centre Library (Sapele)


27Akure Study Centre Library23542582612

Law library (Lagos Campus)


1285Law reports 15722857
29Faculty of Science Library13054201725
30Faculty of Arts Library13763331709
31Faculty of Education Library1066107251501474
32Faculty of Social Science Library1562539502565
33Faculty of Management Science Library1635015540408
34Faculty of Health Library2502745018002527